CO “CF “IN EMBRACE OF UKRAINE “- Fund to ukrainian society

 Due to the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, 88% of Ukrainians have high or very high levels of stress.

  71% of Ukrainians recently felt stressed or very nervous, and 50% of people feel anxious and tense. However, only 2% seek psychological help.

  In addition, 63% of respondents are worried about the safety of loved ones, and 42% - because of the loss of a source of income or work. 37% are afraid of dying during hostilities and the same number of people are afraid of losing property due to shelling. 32% have a hard time being separated from their relatives, and 24% are afraid of being injured.

link to the sociological study of the company "Gradus"


  A large number of Ukrainians found themselves in difficult life circumstances, lost their homes, were under occupation, saw the horrors of war with their own eyes.

  Both civilians and military personnel need help and regulation of their internal emotional state

  We strive to help women, children and servicemen, those in need.

Help, support, development!

To improve the psycho-emotional state, we have introduced the following assistance programs:

  • "Overcoming the emotional trauma of war" - Training course how to help to yourself;

  • "Found - for the children" -Children of war,children against war: Of profill rehabilitation center.




Support the target program "Rehabilitation"

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