Pilot program "Safe District - Safe City - Safe Country"

 This program is an important component for ensuring comlex  security in the cities and towns of the state during war.
  It is implemented at the state level, with the support and constant control of the authorities and relevant law enforcement structures, the significant results of which will be taken into account in the future in strengthening the security of Ukraine.

 The goal of the program is a safe community today means victory.
 The way to ensure security is to systematically motivate the community, jointly creating and strengthening conditions capable of detecting and neutralizing criminal and illegal actions against citizens and the state, both in wartime and in peacetime:

  • criminals and criminal groups;
  • spies;
  • sabotage groups;
  • influence agents;
  • disinformers;
  • collaborators;
  • looters, etc.

 The main tool in the implementation of the program is Public Formation on the protection of public order and the state border (PF).
  The PF  jointly cooperates with local authorities, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Emergency Service and the Armed Forces of Ukraine for full operational control of the territory to ensure security.
  A public organization was founded in Kyiv.

  The working name is "Safe Kyiv"

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