Construction of social housing

Dwelling and work for Ukrainians displaced by the war 

Rapid housing construction

As a result of the Russian Federation armed aggression against Ukraine, a significant number of Ukrainians left without dwellings and were forced to move to other regions of Ukraine.
It is necessary to implement projects of temporary and permanent housing in order to ensure normal, comfortable conditions for living,.
The implementation of the project will provide the needs of citizens who have lost their homes, their needs to maintain a dignified lifestyle and socialization in the new places, as well as create jobs that will provide an opportunities of employment.


Project concept

Stage 1♦ Temporary modules for specialists which can be used for the  settlement of construction crews 

Stage 2♦ Construction of production

Stage 3♦Construction the buildinds for the company's employees

Stage 4♦ Rapid construction of typical 4-story buildings. Total area of apartments  id 30-35 m2.


1 stage
Construction of temporary housing for specialists of future production with an autonomous system of electricity supply, water supply, drainage and heating.
















2 stage
Construction of a factory for the production of prefabricated houses Frame-panel wooden walls and the main frame of metal structures.

Fast housing construction gives the opportunities to build high-quality dwelling in a short period of time optimizing human resources. The term of installation of a 4-story building can be reduced to three or four weeks, even ensuring the completion of all interior finishing works.
The main works on the creation of all elements of the building will be carried out in production conditions with the assurance of production quality control
We plan to use friendly to Environment materials with a high energy saving rate 
The established main production will provide an opportunity for further development of related industries: building materials, furniture, windows, etc.




















3 stage
Construction of 4-story buildings is an ideal solution for the best use of the available building area.

The high degree of pre-fabrication of structures at the factory allows to reduce the installation time on the construction site to an absolute minimum.













4 stage
Rapid construction of typical 4-story buildings. Apartments with an area of 30 - 35 m2.

Entrance hall - 4 m2
Hall - 27 m2
Corridor - 5 m2
Kitchen + living room - 16 m2
Bedroom - 7 m2
Bathroom - 3 m2








Construction of a town for the company's employees
2.The main entrance
3.Recreation area
7.Household yard






Budgets for the construction of temporary housing


Modular building

23 970 000,00 


Project management

390 909, 09


General construction works

5 252 000,00


 Connecting to external works

1 430 000,00


Together p2 + p3 +p4,  UAH with VAT

 7 072 909,09


Total, UAH with VAT

31 042 909,09

















Capital investments in the construction of buildings
$30 million is working capital
$20 million– investments in buildings, equipment and tools
































Sources of funding

  • National budget
  • International Financial Organisations
  • Donors
  • Credit funds
  • Charitable contributions

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